Come! Live in the Light!



“Come! Live in the light!”

So begins a beautiful hymn Entitled “We Are Called,” I discovered only yesterday. A dear friend sent it, describing it as the new theme song for her life.

When I looked up the hymn and listened to it, I was mesmerized by its melody and its message. The people of God, today facing so many challenges of injustice and divisiveness, would do well to adopt this hymn as their theme song. I hope it speaks to you as deeply as it spoke to me.
“We Are Called”
David Haas

Come! Live in the light!
Shine with the joy and the love of the Lord!
We are called to be light for the kingdom,
to live in the freedom of the city of God!

We are called to act with justice.
We are called to love tenderly.
We are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God.

Come! Open your heart!
Show your mercy to all those in fear!

We are called to be hope for the hopeless,
so all hatred and blindness will be no more!

Sing! Sing a new song!
Sing of that great day when all will be one!
God will reign and we’ll walk with each other as sisters
and brothers united in love!

Protesters cry out on the streets of our cities, but we are called to live in the light. Immigrants are detained in our airports, but we are called to live in the light. Immigrants are refused refuge in our country, but we are called to live in the light. Our leaders make decisions based on divisive ideologies, but we are called to live in the light.

So while protesters call for compassion, immigrants find no refuge among us, and politicians argue about what’s right and wrong, let us make sure we live as God’s people in a broken world.

Come! Live in the light!
Please listen to this beautiful hymn on YouTube at this link:

The Indwelling Christ


I am thinking today about the second stanza of the great hymn, “All Praise to Thee.” The words remind us of the life and work of Jesus.

Thou camest to us in lowliness of thought;
By Thee the outcast and the poor were sought;
And by The death was God’s salvation wrought;
Alleluia! Alleluia!

Do we seek the outcast and the poor? Do we continue the work of Christ as we walk each day in a broken world? Do we show Christ’s compassion to every person? Do we do these things by the way we live our lives?

I have for many years considered thoughtfully these words written by Joseph Clower in his book, The Church in the Thought of Jesus. Though he speaks of the Church and her ministry, I also hear his words as a compelling personal call to live my life as a follower of Christ in the world.

If the indwelling Christ is not confined, then the Church’s eyes flow with His tears, her heart moved with His compassion, her hands are coarsened with His labor, her feet are wearied with his walking among all people.

May this be said of us.

Love in Action


A high school teacher battling cancer looked out of his bedroom window and saw 400 students and faculty worshiping outside his window. They surprised their terminally ill teacher by showing up on his street and serenading him with hymns.

Ben Ellis, who taught at the Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville before his illness, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last December. After a devastating medical report last week, he and his family decided to cease treatment.

Mr Ellis said that what the students did was “beautiful and unforgettable. It overwhelmed me that God would fill that many students with that much love. In that moment I felt that I was not alone.”

The lesson for us is about giving ourselves, selflessly and lavishly, to those who need an act of love. May God enliven us to put our love in action.

How do I tell you?


How do I introduce you to the amazing God I know, to the Christ who is the Savior of humankind? How do I share with you all the ways that God has graced my life? How do I describe a God who is the Creator of all that exists and yet knows me by name?

I have travelled life’s journey with a God who is my protector. I have known God intimately through the most difficult days, and I have known God through all of life’s joys.

How do I tell you?

These are the words of Madeleine, L’Engle.

We draw people to Christ not by loudly discrediting what they believe, by telling them how wrong they are and how right we are, but by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it.

It is true. I cannot describe such a lovely light. I can only live within it and let you see.