Strength to Face the Wind


Life is very much about standing to face the wind, constantly being blown about by change. It can be tumultuous at times. It can blow gently and change the little things about us. It can be gale-force and rearrange everything we cling to.

The important questions are these: Who will I be in the face of the winds? Will anxiety paralyze me? Will I be afraid? Will I be in a state of turmoil? Or is it possible that I will be that steady center, that constant and consistent presence that stands immovable?

This one thing I know. When God is our anchor, the winds can blow on and we will stand steady. We will “surprise ourselves with the strength we have to face the wind.” So let us hear, with faith in ourselves, the summons from Bishop Stephen Charleston.

Let’s do something surprising. In the midst of anxiety, let us be unafraid. In the time of anger, let us be peaceful. In the heart of turmoil, let us be a steady center… Let us do something different. Let us be the rallying point for faith, the constant and consistent presence of a love that embodies justice, the quiet truth that knits lives together. Let us surprise ourselves with the strength we have when we stand to face the wind.

– Steven Charleston

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