Walking Lake

“Walking Lake” in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Photo by J.V. McKinney

I love today’s photo, entitled “walking lake.” It reminds me of the comfort of walking beside still waters. It reminds me that restoring my soul is the most important part of life. It reminds me that, when times are tough and all comforts fail, we sometimes just have to walk it off. Sometimes we have to literally will our bodies to get moving and will our spirits to be comforted.

After this presidential election I found myself paralyzed with grief. I didn’t want to leave my house. I didn’t want to move. I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach. All I could do was keep myself still and quiet until the hurt began to lift.

I knew that I could not stay in my immovable state. I knew I had to lift myself up and walk on. I knew that God had provided a “walking lake” for my healing. And then I happened upon this photo — serene and comforting beauty. I looked at it for several minutes, transporting myself to that place of healing. In the end, I moved. I stood up and got my bearings. I walked on with hope in my heart.

I pray that every person who has been disappointed will find his or her personal walking lake.

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