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Want to Be Happy? Eleven Things to Let Go Of


Let go of toxic people in your life. They don’t have any positive impact on your soul. They spread negativity all around, and that negativity can do damage inside you.

Let go of regretting past mistakes. You cannot change the past, but you can concentrate on the future. You cannot re-do what is done, but you can learn from past mistakes and make fewer of them going forward.

Let go of the need to be right. It’s not worth the energy it takes to convince others that your viewpoint is the right one. Celebrate the peace that comes when you don’t obsess over being right.

Let go of feeling sorry for yourself. You won’t gain a thing by lamenting. Others weary of hearing your self-deprecating rants.

Let go of negative self talk. It never helps you have a positive outlook on yourself. It focuses on every little thing that might be wrong in you. It never changes you for the better.

Let go of the need to impress others. You usually can’t impress anyone anyway. Trying only wears you out and makes you bitter when no one seems impressed with you.

Let go of beliefs that limit you. Let the sky be your limit. Dream new dreams. Believe that you are worthy of happiness.

Let go of the need to please everyone. It just never happens. Some people can never be pleased. What you do is never enough for some people. Work to please the people that add joy to your life.

Let that fight go, or at least be sure that what you’re fighting for is worth the battle. Sometimes it is better to have peace than to be embroiled in continuous, unproductive warfare. Most of the time there is no clear winner

Let go of complaining. It covers you up with negative energy and doesn’t accomplish a thing. Plus, no one wants to hear it!

Let go of worrying about the future. You can’t control it. You can’t predict it. Worrying won’t affect it one way or the other. Instead, you can embrace the future with optimism and joyfulness.