Life pathways, Spiritual growth, Transformation

In Every Change


When leaves change their colors as the seasons pass, they do it effortlessly. Not so with human beings. We resist change most of the time. But changes happen. Life takes its toll on all of us. Because of life events — good and bad — we evolve and change. And I like to think we become closer to the persons we are meant to be. In every change, there is growth. There are lessons to be learned. There are challenges to our thoughts and beliefs. There are nudges to the soul. In every change, we change. Sometimes we are transformed.

As life changes happen to us, I often think of the words from the hymn “Be Still, My Soul.”

In every change, he faithful will remain.

What an encouraging promise about the faithfulness of God! While we may resist change because of fear, God stays close to comfort us, to encourage us, to guide us, to renew our faith.

Frederick Buechner shares with us the best news of all with these words:

There is something deep within us, in everybody, that gets buried and distorted and confused and corrupted by what happens to us. But it is there as a source of insight and healing and strength.

Thanks be to God for our seasons of change.

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