It’s So Quiet Here!


It’s not unusual for us to comment, “It’s so quiet here!” Our lovely neighborhood is very serene, a great place to live. When we go outdoors, we can hear the hummingbirds. We don’t hear traffic, or dogs barking, or children playing. We don’t hear trains. Now and then, we may hear a clap of thunder or the falling of rain. We may hear planes flying overhead or the sound of lawn mowers.

But quiet can be disconcerting. We tend to immerse ourselves in activity, avoiding stillness, resisting silent moments of contemplation. Entering into quiet times can sometimes bring unwelcome thoughts and fears that are held at bay when we’re immersed in the noise of busyness. It happens for me at times. When I get quiet, my thoughts sometimes entertain those things that I most fear.

Still, quiet times can also be strengthening times. Quiet moments can bring peace and serenity. So, all in all, I am grateful for the quiet times in my life in these days of retirement. It’s a different experience that follows a career full of activity, overachievement and constant work.

We live a very quiet life. It’s quiet enough to hear the chirping birds and the buzzing bees. And it’s quiet enough to hear God’s voice. Maybe God has been waiting for my life to get quiet. Maybe It makes God happy to know that I can now hear the gentle prompting of the Spirit. Maybe I will hear things I have never heard before. Maybe God’s voice will be clearer to me than it ever has been.

I would love to hear your comments.

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