Life storms, Spiritual growth



My garden was wilting. Some plants had already died in spite of my faithful watering. But on one day last week, my flowers were literally pelted with rain. Huge raindrops fell hard and long. I wondered if my tender impatiens would survive the storm. They did. The next morning, in fact, they were standing stronger and taller than ever. Once wilted by endless days of scorching sun, the blooms were now full and healthy.

It took a rainstorm to shock them to life. It’s that way for us, too. We have thrived after life storms we thought we simply would not survive. We took the pelting and emerged stronger, full of fresh new life.

The lesson for us is to face life storms without fear, knowing that storms pass and the sun always comes back brightly. If we’re lucky, we might even see a rainbow, a sign of promise and new hope. So let it storm. Let the pelting rain hit us as a refreshing shower, cleansing away the old and making all things new.

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