Faith, God's Faithfulness, grief, Loss

Looking for God



In the darkest times of life, I look for God. Unfortunately, on good days I mostly go about business as usual, thinking perhaps that I don’t need God that much. Yet, it is in normal days that I can spend time finding God in all things and truly enriching my life. The words of Steven Charleston offer a great deal of wisdom.

I have been out looking for God again. Out in the world around me, watching for signs and clues to the presence of something holy in life. I am glad to report the evidence is abundant. A young mother comforting her child who was crying. An older couple still walking hand in hand. A garden so peaceful you could hear the flowers grow. An unseen musician practicing piano through an open window. Beauty, love, kindness: all visible manifestations of what makes life sacred. There is more of hope than loss to see for those who take a second look at what surrounds them.

It is so true that I have had my share of loss. The most important part of dealing with loss was taking that second look, taking some time to redefine what the loss really meant for me, and steeling myself to move beyond the loss.

I plan to take second looks. I plan to look around for God in new ways, watching for signs of the presence of something holy. It truly does make life sacred.

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