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Flowing Peace


“I’m not surprised you are a minister,” said a friend in my leadership class. “You have this peaceful aura about you.” I was surprised by her comment. But I knew immediately that what she saw as an “aura” around me was not really me at all. It was actually God’s peace flowing through me.

The world continues to cry peace when there is no peace. (Jeremiah 8:11) But those who trust God know that God is the source of the peace that transcends all understanding and flows within us—even though we may not even be aware of it. (Philippians 4:7)

After their last supper together, Jesus promised His followers this peace as He prepared them for His death and resurrection. He told them that although they would have trouble in the world, God would send them the Spirit of truth to live with them and be in them (John 14:16-17).

The Spirit would teach them; the Spirit would be with them; the Spirit would comfort them and give them peace for the days ahead. Yes, He told them they would face many trials. He also told them not to be afraid, because the Holy Spirit’s presence would never leave them.

I am in a constant quest to sense God’s peace, as elusive as it seems at times. Though God’s peace is within me always, there are times when chaos takes its toll. I allow life’s worries and challenges to fill my heart and soul, often losing the flow of peace in my life. I know better, of course, but I allow it to happen.

God’s desire for me is to open myself up to inner peace,to allow God’s peace to flow through me. What a blessing it is to know God’s flowing peace, always there, always available to strengthen my faith and refresh my life.

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