“The Soul Shall Open Itself”

The Soul Nebula in Narrowband; photograph by Bob Franke


How would things change for us if we spent time caring for our souls? Everhard Arnold wrote these words:

The miracle of God comes not only from above; it also comes through us; it is also dwelling in us. It has been given to every person, and it lies in every soul as something divine, and it waits. Calling, it waits for the hour when the soul shall open itself, having found its God and its home. When this is so, the soul will not keep its wealth to itself, but will let it flow out into the world.

How wonderful to contemplate that the miracle of God “lies in every soul.” How amazing it is to come to that hour when our soul opens itself fully to God!

It should give us pause if we fail to spend soulful moments nurturing that miracle within us. Instead may each of us spend time caring for our souls and searching for the divine that lives inside of us. What a joy that would be!

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