Trees: Nature’s Grace


Most of us need inspiration to endure the mundane parts of life. We need to see things not only as they are in physical form, but also to see things as holy and sacred. We need to see things as a part of God’s creation given to us to fill our lives with beauty. In some ways, a tree is not just a tree, it is a little piece of nature’s grace.

When I was a young child, my life was filled with the fear of family violence. My home was not a safe place for me. So I would seek refuge under a huge magnolia tree in our yard. I honestly believed that the tree sheltered me and kept me hidden from danger. So I grew up with a strong affinity for trees. I have always had a kind of relationship with trees, and under their sheltering canopy, I found protection from harm.

Yes, it was a childhood fantasy. When I grew up, I learned that a tree cannot really protect me. But I did carry with me some emotions about trees from my childhood, and I consider trees to be my personal sacred spaces. It works for me in all sorts of ways. Actual living trees, of course, are the strongest comforters. But I look at photographs of trees. I enjoy art that pictures trees. And I love drawing and painting them.

Perhaps it seems like a quirky thing. But for me it’s more like an inspiration, nature’s grace for my difficult days

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