Making Whole All that Is Broken


In this life, with all that threatens us, we need healing, forgiveness, hope, light. We need the holy. We need the Spirit of God. I share with you today a moving prayer by Bishop Steven Charleston.

Let the healing come, to every heart, to every mind and body, to every life that needs it.

Let the forgiveness come, the release from what is past, the freedom of what is new.

Let the hope come, to every person, to every family, that longs for an answer.

Let the light come, to every fearful corner, to every place of worry, to all the spaces that separate our souls.

Let the holy come, the simple pure love that heals and forgives, restores hope and enlightens our path.

Let the Spirit come, to do what we cannot do, to make whole all that is broken.

I would love to hear your comments.

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