Prayer for Sudan

A poignant prayer shared by my friend.

Gifts in Open Hands

God, the Merciful, the Loving One,
we ask your compassion upon Sudan.

For those who are grieving,
for those who are hiding,
for those who are weary of conflict,
for the very old and the very young,

and for those who feel abandoned
by all the world,
we ask your strength.

For those who shape words of faith
by the Qu’ran or by the Bible,
we ask your guidance,

and for those who will enter
into the tenderness of life beyond life,
by violence today and tomorrows
we ask your embrace,

For those who can help make peace,
outside and within the borders
we ask that you make them willing,

and for all of us who might forget,
bring the word ‘Sudan’
to our lips in every time of prayer.

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