Hope Is Found in the Depths


Where does one find hope? It is not just a superficial emotion that can be summoned on demand. Hope does not necessarily come to us when we urgently call for it. Hope is more like a state of being that dwells in the depths of the spirit. When all is lost in your life, you cannot find hope in activities. If you have lost a loved one, you cannot find hope in “getting beyond” your grief. If you have lost your health, you can not find hope in remedies, medical procedures and medications.

“Hope is found in the depths,” Paul Tillich teaches. These are his words of counsel:

If you find hope in the ground of history, you are united with the great prophets who were able to look into the depth of their times, who tried to escape it because they could not stand the horror of their visions, and who yet had the strength to look to an even deeper level and there to discover hope.

We sometimes find ourselves at the “depth of our times.” We sometimes try to escape the horror of what is happening to us. From those low and dark places, it takes strength to look into a deeper level. But that is where we must look if we want to discover hope, the kind of hope that is a healing balm for every life circumstance. We may find comfort, solace, consolation in many places, but hope is found only in the depths.

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