Kenyan Coast at Eventide by Melody Harrell

The shoreline opens itself up for the gentle waves at eventide. It’s a tranquil scene that refreshes the soul in ways I can hardly understand. I like to go to the seashore, in my mind at least, just to see and smell and hear the surf as it comes and goes. It brightens my spirit and refreshes me when I most need it.

I spent two weeks on the Kenyan shore many years ago and learned to love the Indian Ocean. Monkeys played in our front yard, frolicked in the trees, and added to the delight of the scenery.

I love to watch the African sun light the ocean in magical ways, as only the African sun can do. There is nothing like it anywhere else I have visited. I will always have fond memories of our time in Africa.

Memories are wonderful for the soul. They can transport us back to places we loved and remind us of people we cherished. L.M. Montgomery wrote that “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”

That is so true. And so I hold tightly to my good memories and vow that each day I live, I will make new ones.


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