These days, I pay close attention to my physical health. A small infection could turn into a major health event. A day of not doing my dialysis can result in what my doctor says, “You will get sick.” Too much phosphorus in my diet can end up badly. So I am very careful about my physical health.

But I am also careful about my soul, because the soul affects every part of my being. Yet caring for one’s soul is not so easy to do. Macrina Wiederkehr says this:

There is a way that the soul can get crowded out of one’s day. The soul is a bit shy and does not demand center stage. She lives a life of her own, and yet there are soulprints in every fiber of your being, even in things you’ve forgotten. The soul is the keeper of memories. She knows where beauty is stored. She contains the memories of your entire life. Deep in your unconscious she stands guard. If you are in need of a particular memory, she can reveal it to you and help you to bear both the beauty and the pain. She knows all about the gold in your memories.

~ From “Gold in Your Memories” by Macrina Wiederkehr

Yes, it is true that there are soulprints in every fiber of my being. The soul plays its role in the very center of my psyche and keeps me spiritually and emotionally well. So I plan to take a few extra moments each day to care for my soul. I will sit quietly, listen to music, watch the wind blow through the trees, enjoy a sunset, meditate, pray, whatever activity helps me get in close touch with my soul. Dwelling in that kind of quiet space helps me bear both the beauty and the pain of my memories.

I would love to hear your comments.

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