Listen to the Song of Your Soul


Listen to the song of your soul. Listen well. It may be a joyous song or a melancholy one. It may be a song of victory or a song of loss. The important thing is this: whether you pay attention or not, your soul is singing. It does that to express your innermost thoughts, desires, or hurts.

The tragedy is if we’re not listening, never hearing what the soul truly longs for, never knowing the real condition of the soul. You see, the soul is the gentle part of us. It seldom overpowers the physical part of us. It does not often fight to get our attention. It just quietly holds every emotion we place upon it and sometimes struggles to avoid hurt and damage.

Throughout my life I have talked about the invisible wounds of the soul. Therein lies the problem. We tend to let our souls languish in a silent place, nursing all kinds of wounds and scars. But the upside is that, regardless of the level of brokenness we may have experienced, the soul cannot be damaged beyond repair.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold. Rather than throw out something that was once useful, gold is used to put the pieces back together and repair the broken places. They believe that when something has sustained damage and has a history, it actually becomes more beautiful. All of us have damaged souls in need of repair. The good news is that our souls can be whole again.

The remedy? The repair? It is simply to care for the soul, to listen for its song, to spend time nurturing it, to encourage its healing. Only then can we be whole and healthy. Listen! Your soul is singing. Take just a few quiet moments, sit with yourself, and, with expectancy, truly hear the song of your soul.

Lynda Poston-Smith sings “It Is Well with My Soul” on YouTube.

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