Celebrating the Beauty of Our Land


Amber waves of grain, spacious skies, fruited plains, purple mountains majesty . . . words that describe the beauty of this land. It is all too easy in these troubling days to focus on all that is wrong with America, to feel angst over racial tension, violence, terroristic threats. It’s no way to celebrate our Independence Day.

July 4th fireworks, picnics, concerts, parades seem hollow in the face of all that threatens to destroy our nation and put another ugly mark on our history and heritage. So how do we celebrate? What, then, can we do to commemorate the Fourth of July in 2015?

I suggest that we focus on all that is beautiful about this country and open our eyes to truly see waves of grain glistening in the sun and mountains of purple in the sunset. Look into the spacious skies above you and celebrate the beauty that is not marred by words and acts of hate. The Star-Spangled Banner still waves in the skies of a land filled with God’s beauty. Let’s celebrate and protect that.

I would love to hear your comments.

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