She Is What Life Was About


As I often do these days, I was contemplating the meaning of my life. I often wonder what I did that was meaningful, especially when I look back at all the years of long hours and stress-filled work.

Today I received a message from a beautiful young woman inviting me to her wedding. I knew her as a young teen with multiple life hurts including an assault. She came to counseling every week without fail, and she did the soul work that was necessary for healing. Today, she is whole and full of life. She is celebrating the ability to have a loving relationship even after the betrayal of a past relationship.

i was so proud of her when she was in her teens and I’m proud of her today. She is one of the people who made my life and my ministry worth every long hour I worked. I am grateful for her life. And I’m grateful for mine! She is what my life was about.

I would love to hear your comments.

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