How Is Your Vision?

envious eye

I think a great deal about my vision of life, of the world. Through the years, my vision has been lofty, filled with big dreams and ambitious goals. I saw the best in people. I nurtured within myself noble plans. I reached for grand achievements. I had visions of peace and joy. I believed that I could have a part in changing the world.

These days, not so much. The cynicism of our times has taken its toll. I have allowed what I see around me to guide my thoughts. I have taken in the divisiveness, the violence and the rancor. As a result, my vision has reached into the depths. These days, I wonder if I can make any difference at all. I wonder if I dare to dream again. I wonder if there is any chance that I could have a tiny part in changing the world.

So what has changed? Is it the world or is it me? Have I given in to despondency and skepticism? Have I given up?

George Carlin said, “Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.” Perhaps that describes me. Perhaps I have seen the death of too many dreams and I am left disillusioned.

But I have a notion that as long as we have breath, we must continue to have dreams and visions. Lofty dreams and visions. Dreams and visions that hold the power to change us and change our world. Dreams that will awaken something pure and good within us.

Let us determine that we will never give up on our visions, but that we will go about softly and peaceably being the powerful change-makers we can be.

“The vision of the angels works softy and peaceably, awakening joy and exultation.”

– St. Athanasius, 4th century

I would love to hear your comments.

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