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With Hearts Wide Open


There is nothing as harmful as a closed heart. So many things can close a heart . . . A loved one’s death, a ruined relationship, a loss of career and livelihood. When tragedies occur, they hurt so badly that the heart can close itself off from the pain. The problem is that a heart closed to pain may also be closed to love, joy and hope.

It can become a faith crisis for anyone. It can become chronic and it can last for years. The question is always how can we keep our hearts open when it is holding such deep pain? The answer is difficult to find. The answer can elude us.

But there are some obvious remedies. It is possible to open our hearts to the messages of Scripture, to the comforting strains of sacred hymns, to comforting words from those who care for us, to holy moments of contemplation and prayer.

Andrea Keh writes this:

To live with an open heart is to remember that the essence of our true self is love. We must forgive, heal and feel the depths of our emotions before we have the space to connect deeper and higher. This open heart space is where we reflect divine love and light for each other!

So let us greet this new day with hearts wide open, honoring the past, but savoring the future.

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