We Never Lose Hope


Hope is a human feeling, not something mysterious or ethereal. We hold it in our hearts, always. It revives us when hopelessness threatens us. It dwells in our heart of hearts through it all. It remains constant through every dark day.

It is a reality of this life that hopelessness sometimes threatens to overcome us. But hope remains. Where does it come from? I believe that it is planted deep within us by our Creator, protected by divine care. And I believe that hope emerges from a strong faith in the God who guides our lives.

Bishop Steven Charleston says that there are not “many human feelings as tough and resilient as hope.”

He continues:

Hope has gotten me through some very hard days. I am willing to bet the same is true for you. Gotten me through not with airy wishes, but with a determination to stand my ground until the next dawn sends the shadows running. Never underestimate hope. It is the lifeline. It is what your soul sees when your eyes are in darkness. Hope is the eternal light that no fear can overcome.

We have the ability to hold hope in our hearts no matter what we face. There is no threat stronger than hope, no fear greater than hope. Even in the worst of times, we don’t despair and we never lose hope.
My soul, wait silently for God,
for my hope is from Him.
He only is my rock and my salvation;
He is my refuge; I will not be moved.

– Psalm 62:5-6

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