Dreams, Inspiration

Possible Dreams


Possible dreams and inspiring stories surround the world’s fastest 400 meter sprinter, Wayde van Niekerk of South Africa. There is the story of his coach, a 74-year old great grandmother who has spent her entire life coaching and now watching her protege compete at the Olympic Games.

And there is also the story of his mother, Odessa, who was a world class athlete who was not allowed to compete for her country because of Apartheid, watching her son win an Olympic gold medal and set a new world record.

But Wayde van Niekerk is now living his own story. Apartheid has passed. Dreams, once impossible, are now possible. And in this new day, van Niekerk broke the 400 meter world record last night in Rio, a record set in 1999.

There is new life beyond Apartheid. There are new dreams coming true. There is hope where once hopelessness reigned. Wayde van Niekerk’s story is a story of possible dreams.

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