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Toward a Brighter Season of Hope


In this time in history, we should make time to look through all that is happening, to look beyond violence to see peace, to look beyond rancorous politics to see hope. As a nation, we are better than what we are seeing on our newscasts every night. We are a brighter people, full of promise that we seem to have lost. We can ride this wave of disunity and let it guide our way, or we can say “enough!” There is not one political candidate or issue that should have the power to divide friend from friend, family from family. We can look higher. We can be better.

This writing by Steven Charleston says it all. I hope we will hear his words and lift our eyes to a brighter season of hope.

Time to look up. Time to look through the valley mist to see the sun sparkling on the mountains beyond. Time to move. Time to begin again the journey that brought us through so much celebration and sorrow to this place of new beginning. Time to gather the community. Time to make sure we have all of our tribe from every clan and family ready to walk together. Time to pray. Time to ask for a blessing on what we are about to do and to give thanks for the power of hope that carries us forward. Time to sing. Time to let the valley echo and the mountains ring with the sound of our voices as we set off once more on the great adventure of the human story. Time to love. Time to be who in our hearts we know we are.

Amen and amen!

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