Beauty of Nature, Clouds

Pastel Sky, Misty Valley


What incredible gifts we have been given! How magnificent is our world! My friend recently took this photograph of a pastel sky over a misty valley. The image moved and inspired me to give thanks for the nature that nurtures our lives.

We do not live in a colorless world. Instead we feast on brilliant sunrises, breathtaking skies, multi-hued rainbows on the horizon, mists that drop muted colors over us. We are gently caressed with pinks and blues and purples. This pastel sky reminded me to give thanks. This misty valley reminded me to offer praise to a God of grace that fills our world with color.

Nature helps me worship in special ways. It inspires me to pray and to meditate on our Creator. It moves me to tears at times and fills me with laughter at other times. God’s nature is no accident. It is created for our souls and it fills our hearts with joy. If we notice. If we take a few minutes to take it in.

All of these thoughts rose up in me when I saw this pink pastel sky over the misty valley.

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