When we are born into this world, we begin a process of transformation. Physically, we can almost see the transformation happening to us. But emotionally, it is far less obvious. Nevertheless, transformation is happening. It may happen gradually, mysteriously, quietly so that we hardly notice. Or it may happen in fits and starts. Sometimes, we experience one big transformative event that changes us in an instant.

That’s the thing about transformation – it’s personal. It affects us uniquely and makes changes in us that we cannot fully control. Often my transformation times have been big and noisy, filled with the exhilaration of change. My transformative events are not always positive ones. Sometimes a tragedy or hardship brings the most significant transformation, a life event that forever changes you.

We are being transformed, each one of us, in our own way. For some, this change comes gradually, unfolding over a lifetime, a process of growing nurtured by the slow acquisition of wisdom. For others, the shift comes in a sudden rush, accelerated by some breakthrough experience, a burst of spiritual energy propelling the spirit forward. For many, it is a combination of the two, years of steady search punctuated by moments of dazzling insight. We are all being transformed. No soul stays the same. – Bishop Steven Charleston

And for that, we can be thankful. Transformation makes life one great adventure. Our job is simply to enjoy the ride!

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