Faith Breaks Through to Truth



For the past few says, dark clouds have hovered over my world. I can’t even put my finger on the real cause. I know only that I have not felt well physically, and that usually opens the door for questioning, concern, worry, and in general, things that bring me down.

These days, I worry that I will lose strength and become unable to engage in daily activities. I worry about how I will respond to the surgery and recovery of a kidney transplant. I worry that a donor kidney will not be available. I worry that the complete weakness I experienced during my last hospital stay will assail me again.

And yet, I need to look more intently at the reality. Most of the time, I do feel well. I am involved in a daily exercise program. And I am able to do several things I enjoy. Most importantly, I cling tightly to faith that can overcome every concern.

In the 18th Century, Jean Pierre Caussade wrote this about faith: “How ever dark the clouds may be, faith breaks through to truth, holds fast to it, and never lets it go.”

That is a message that has remained true through the years. It stands the test of time. It gives me the spiritual strength to move forward, in spite of a life that has its ups and downs.

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