Growing Wings . . . On the Way Down


Why stay earth-bound when you can fly? An interesting question! When I ask people how their day was, I get one very common answer: “Same ol’ same ol,'” meaning things are the same as usual. We expect our days to be mundane and ordinary. We do not expect brilliantly stunning happenings to mark our days.

It’s a shame, really, to face life with such dismal expectations. What if we could make ourselves expect extraordinary events? What if we could anticipate good news days ore often? What if we felt we could spread our imaginary wings and fly off into a glorious sunset?

I guess this is a blog about fantasy, not very practical, for sure. And yet, our spirits often want to soar, to rise above our problems and challenges, to lift ourselves up in a cloud of stunning hope. So I ask myself: what can I do on this very day to escape the things that hold me down? What if I want to fly above the earth, feeling the wind in my face?

I had very few inadequate answers, of course. I could think of only a few few uncommon activities designed to help me escape. But I did think of a few . . . watching a brilliant sunset, sitting out at night and gazing at the stars, watching a river meander across a green valley, walking among the cherry blossoms.

In the end, I decided to at least dream of bright days and star-filled nights. And I decided to think on one of my favorite quotes: “She took the leap of faith and grew her wings on the way down.”

I would love to hear your comments.

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