Break those Chains


Chains bind us and hold us captive. We can be chained by a variety of life circumstances: illness, aging, financial difficulties, addictions, family violence and abuse. We can be chained by our own perfectionism and self-destructive habits. We can be chained by our family members, our spouses. We can even be chained by our religion, which can be toxic rather than life-giving.

What we long for is the freedom to be who we are, to break the chains that hold us captive. Galatians 5:1 says it eloquently:

Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

It is for us to determine what is causing our “yoke of bondage.” And then we must claim the liberty that is ours because Christ has made us free. What Gospel good news it is that we have the power to break the chains that bind us and that God wants us to do just that!

It might take some fortitude. It might take patience. It might require courage. Most definitely, it will require our honesty — a candid, realistic self-assessment of ourselves and the circumstances that surround us. God grants us the power to break those chains and to release the bondage that constrains us. Wait no longer! Proclaim that you are free from your bondage, that you have broken the chains that bound you! It’s important.
The song “Free” sung by Faith Hill is inspiring. I invite you to listen to it at this link:

Here are some of the lyrics:

Life pulls fast changes
Winds blows past pages
All I see is I don’t need this
High-strung tight rope walk
Ticking time bomb clock
Scratch my name
Cut these chains

I’m free
Kicking out of that prison
I am free
Singing those words of wisdom
Let it be
Nobody gonna put the blues inside of me

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