Hope’s Journey: Spiritual and Emotional Care for Survivors of Violence


I would like to introduce you to Hope’s Journey, a support system for survivors of violence and abuse. Hundreds of persons have found spiritual and emotional care through Hope’s Journey via email communication. At times, face-to-face help is daunting for persons who have been victimized. Many of them are too intimidated to even leave their homes. So email communication has become a transformative lifeline for them.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this kind of help through email, please contact me at kathymfindley@gmail.com. It may seem a bit impersonal to seek help in this way, but I have communicated for months with several people who began a healing journey through our email communication.

Just today I received a new request for email support from a young woman who has recurring episodes of post traumatic stress. The idea of email support works for her at this particular time in her life. She has had a great deal of personal counseling and trauma therapy through the years, but for now, she prefers spiritual and emotional guidance through email.

Hope’s Journey was founded in 2013 to provide spiritual and emotional care to persons who have been harmed by violence and abuse.

I would love to hear your comments.

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