Joy Comes in the Morning


There’s a popular Gospel hymn entitled, “When the Morning Comes.” It’s an upbeat, happy hymn that talks about the coming of God’s ultimate morning, the morning “when all the saints are gathered home.” Along with that hymn, I think of the Scripture that says, “Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

When I am feeling down, I always rest on the reality that after every difficult and dark night, morning dawns, bringing with it a lightened mood. It’s a cherished promise to lean on when life seems filled with challenges and obstacles. It’s good to know that it really is true that joy comes in the morning.

That thought has helped me get through many hard days and long nights. I especially remembered that promise during the time I was so sick and so concerned about my future. I remembered it when I watched the extreme worry of my husband during the many months of my illness. I remembered it even during the times when my faith was waning.

It is a word of good hope that after every dark night, the morning will come. Thanks be to God.

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