Into the Darkness

God’s call is mysterious; it comes in the darkness of faith. It is so fine, so subtle, that it is only with the deepest silence within us that we can hear it. And yet nothing is so decisive and overpowering for a human on this earth, nothing surer or stronger. This call is uninterrupted: God is always calling us.

-Carlo Carretto

I can understand the calling of God. I hear it summoning me every day. But “the darkness of faith” is more ominous. That phrase sounds wrong somehow. I always think of faith as something filled with the light of hope and promise. So “the darkness of faith” strikes an uneasy cord in me. And yet, faith can be strongest when there is no lighted path, when taking the next step is stepping into an unknown place. When you can’t see, you simply have step into the darkness trusting God who already knows what’s next on the journey.

God calls us to move forward in faith, to trust in God’s grace, to know that God walks before us. Sometimes God leads us through the storm and through the dark. God may lead us over some stony places. God may lead us close by a dark and dangerous precipice in order to bring us to the green pastures and the still waters just beyond.

But even when all that lies ahead of us is darkness, we can walk into the darkness hearing God’s promise, “Fear not; for I am with you.”

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