That’s Grace!


This is a photo taken by the Hubble Telescope. Scientists cannot begin to figure out what it is. My friend says, “I like to think of it as the gate of heaven.”

On January 8, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope photographed the spiral galaxy NGC 4845, located over 65 million light-years away in the constellation of Virgo (The Virgin).

On another day the telescope saw Messier 96, a galaxy that resembles a giant maelstrom of glowing gas, rippled with dark dust that swirls inwards towards the nucleus.

Amazingly, the Hubble Telescope sees and photographs astounding images every day, many of them discovered for the first time. Many times NASA scientists have no idea what they’re looking at. I think that’s because this is God’s universe, filled with wonder that humans can only begin to imagine, much less identify.

It seems like a vast array of God’s miracles to me, miracles of beauty and wonder that form the mystery planned by the divine Creator. When I take myself too seriously, I remember that I am just a minuscule, wee speck in that enormous universe. And when I am despondent, I remember that the tiny speck that is me is important to God. That’s miracle! That’s grace!

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