Winter Wonderland 2016


Today much of the East Coast is wearing a blanket of snow. The blizzard is impacting almost 30 million people, with some places expecting 20+ inches of snow.

There is never a quieter time in a city. Snow falls silently, and the sound of very few vehicles break the silence. Schoolyards are devoid of the voices and laughter of children. Government offices are quiet, though transportation crews are in emergency mode. Airplanes are stilled, with 5,700 flights already cancelled. Traffic is slowly inching along the roadways. Even metro transit is at a standstill.

Families that are normally busy at work and school are gathered around glowing hearths. Even the sound of home furnaces are silent because the power is out in many places.

But we can’t help but think about the places that are anything but quiet. Bustling with sound and labor are the homeless shelters and the organizations and churches that have opened their doors as warming centers. Blankets are being distributed, meals are being served, and we should be extremely grateful for the tireless workers and volunteers that make it happen.

During these days, called the snowpocalypse, remember your neighbors, especially the elderly who may not be able to meet their own needs. Enjoy the quiet, revel at the sight of a winter wonderland of snow-covered trees and roof tops, take this chance to stay in and be lazy, build a snowman with your children, drop into the fluffy ground and make some snow angels, make sure your pets are cared for, remember those who have no warm shelter, and thank God for the sheer beauty of a world covered with  snow.

I would love to hear your comments.

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