My Village


I am living with a serious illness. My Village has walked beside me with caring and love. My Village is scattered across many states, and even overseas. The people in my Village are of every religious persuasion. They are male and female, young and not-so-young, near and far. My Village has prayed for me constantly since 2014, and my Village has given me strength and courage for these days. Communities most often depend on proximity. My Village does not, but from wherever they are, they have constantly communicated their love.

I am convinced beyond any doubt that it takes a village to live a life filled with challenges and obstacles. Since the day I learned of my end stage kidney disease in February of 2014, my Village began to pray for me. I have been reminded many times of this scripture passage:

“For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;”

Colossians 1:9

Very early in the morning of the day I went to Piedmont Transplant Center to be evaluated for a kidney transplant, I received a text message with the video, “Be Not Afraid” and these words, “Sending love and prayers your way, Kathy. I will be heading to mass shortly and will put your name in our book of prayers in the altar.” Other messages followed throughout the day.

I am grateful to God for my Village. Each of them has meant so much to me through days of sunshine and shadow, a constant presence of care and concern.

I would love to hear your comments.

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