My Tree


My tree lives in my front yard. It is a tree with many names. The Chinese tallow has many common names in the US and other countries. In the southern US, it is called chicken tree, popcorn tree, candleberry tree, vegetable tallow, white waxberry and Florida aspen. In French, it is boiré (to drink). In Spanish, árbol del sebo. In its native land of China, it is called wu bai (black cypress, or blackbird tree).

I just call it my tree. We have a daily appointment in which I take photos of my tree to watch it change seasons. I have learned that a watched autumn never changes, at least not quickly. It is a process of patient waiting and wondering what color the leaves will become. There are some signs, but no change yet. I will share a few pictures of my tree, and then I’ll keep you posted as it changes.

Oh, and by the way, my tree has given me many hours of re-creation in its shade.


image image image

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