I Miss You, Little Rock


The grass in my yard is lush and green. I love the lawn at my house. For almost thirty-two years I tried to grow a lawn in Little Rock, Arkansas. The soil is basically little rocks. Grass simply never took hold. I don’t miss that about Little Rock.

I do miss the Arkansas River, Riverfront Park, the River Market, the Clinton Library and Presidential Center, the wonderful bridges, and the two skylines of Little Rock and North Little Rock. I miss the magnificent restaurants. I miss Lily’s Dim Sum, YaYa’s, Star of India and Faded Rose.

I miss the way a citizen could address City Government and actually make progress. I miss the non-stop nonprofit galas. I miss the wonderful Arkansas Children’s Hospital. I miss the sound of Baptist Health Medical Center’s Med-Flight helicopters flying directly over my house day and night.

I miss my doctors and my dentist. I miss my pharmacist and my dialysis clinic. I miss New Millennium Church, its people, and my pastor, Wendell Griffen. I miss my long-time friends, my best friends forever, Marvin and Jennifer. I miss my son and my precious grandchildren. I miss my Japanese Maple tree, my patio, and my gourmet kitchen.

There! I’ve said it. Now let me get on with my life in Macon, Georgia, grateful for a wonderful place to live in a quiet neighborhood, and grateful, most of all, to be reunited with my extended family here and in Atlanta.

Thanks be to God.

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