After the Storm


After the storm comes another gift. – Sister Macrina Wiederkehr

There is no doubt that every life has its storms, storms of the soul and spirit, storms caused by physical threats we cannot control. For me, the most ominous storm I have yet faced is my renal failure. Coming on suddenly, I had lost the function of both kidneys quickly. I was a very sick person during the 53 days I spent in the hospital in 2014.

That was a thunderstorm of great magnitude for me, bringing with it many smaller storms that assailed me almost daily. I lost function of my hands and could not write. I lost the ability to name colors. I lost a great deal of balance and could not walk. I began to lose my hair. For a while, I could not recognize anyone.

All of those simple things loomed large for me, but as always, the storm passed. The gifts it left me were many, including a fresh appreciation for life and for the people I love. I shall not soon forget the lovely words of Macrina Wiederkehr, “After the storm comes another gift.” How true that has been for me.

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