Keeping Your Peace


One of my favorite things to do is water my flowers and enjoy watching them grow. The blooms and the new growth on my ferns make me very happy and content. Caring for my flowers is peaceful. Except for those pesky gnats! Today as I set out new chrysanthemums, the gnats were all over my face. I felt literally under a gnat attack!

Life is kind of like that sometimes. Just when you’re feeling peaceful and content, an everyday aggravation disturbs your peace. It can be a simple disturbance or it could be a more serious personal attack. The most important task is discovering ways to maintain your peace and contentment.

Getting angry doesn’t help. Becoming despondent is not productive. Focussing your every thought on those things that rob your peace just makes everything worse. but there is a way to stay in the center of peace even when circumstances assail you. It’s found in the words of the prophet Isaiah.

Isaiah 26:3 (New International Version)

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

Gnats are tiny and trivial pests. They cannot really steal your peace. But when something seriously attacks your peace, you can do what the old spiritual says, “Keep your mind stayed on Jesus.”

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