Shine On


Giving up is easy. Quitting and saying you don’t have enough strength to move forward is one way to live life. It’s all too easy to go that route when you suffer from chronic illness. For me the illness is end stage renal disease. That means that illness is all that’s left for my life. It means I have to do dialysis daily for seven hours. It means that I cannot do everything I want to do, all the things I used to do.

On some days, this situation really depresses me. It has the power to knock me off my feet at times. There are definitely some dark days that I face on occasion.

Lots of things help, though . . . The love of my husband and the way he cares for me, the attention and caring of family, and the occasional quotes of inspiration that I run across.  Today, it is a song sung by Eric Bibb.

Keep on when your mind says quit
Dream on ’til you find your living it
I’ll be right by your side.

Don’t stop ’til you win your prize
Lean on all the love that is in my eyes
You’re a diamond to me, yes you are.
Shine on.
Shine on.

So in spite of the difficult days, I plan to shine on. It’s the only way to live.

I would love to hear your comments.

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