A Quiet Time


This is a quiet time of life for me. I am spending these days and nights making peace with myself, getting to know myself again without all the work trappings or titles. I am no longer an executive director of anything. I am nobody’s pastor. I am not a victim advocate. I am not clergy.

Yet, I have always understood my call to ministry to be a permanent, unending call. So finding present peace for this moment of my journey means learning to live out my ministry without all the “employment” that filled my time for so many years.

This quest is a process that takes time and introspection. Where does worship happen for me? Where do I create those holy moments with God that were so much a part of my life? What is my ministry now that I have no particular place for ministry?

I cannot yet answer all those questions. But I am deeply grateful for the time of contemplation and for God’s presence in this time. Perhaps God was waiting all along for the day when I would enter my quiet time.

I would love to hear your comments.

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