The Morning Tide

The Morning Tide

Communication of faith through images is a powerful means of sharing. The images I use in my blog are often just as important to the message as is the written word. The images speak to me, and I hope are inspiring to you as well.

Today’s image reminds me of the fresh newness of the morning tide, it’s ever-changing pulse that mirrors our ever-changing lives. What a challenge it is to navigate life’s changes, to grow old, to meet the challenges that beset us, to face the obstacles of living. The good news is that navigating life’s changes means that we are in the midst of a life well lived. It means that when we fall down, we get up again, over and over again. It means that when we encounter stones in the road, we continue the journey.

John Dyer wrote, “The most amazing thing to me about the sea is the tide. A harbor is totally transformed in a very short space of time by the arrival or departure of the sea.”

Perhaps that’s why the tide is so life-giving, having the power to transform us as we watch it’s ebb and flow, strengthening us as we take in both its crashing waves and its gentle arrival on the shore. So is our life, made up of crashing waves in one minute and gentle flow in the next.

Today, I pray for you the light of a new morning to light up your day. And as you continue on the Lenten journey, may you find peace and fresh hope.

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