Random Thoughts


I would love to take a long, thoughtful, meditative walk in a misty forest.

I like the bird that visits the bird feeder outside my kitchen window, and I like watching him spread his wings to go.

I am lucky to have a tree framing our front porch, and I’m waiting for its leaves to turn to their vibrant yellow

I miss my grandchildren every day, and think of their beautiful smiles.

I miss Little Rock, where I lived for over 33 years.

God does not always meet me when I try to pray.

Praying can be lonely for me, sitting alone with my thoughts and my deepest heart desires.

The jazz music on my Pandora calms my soul, and I marvel at the talent that makes the music.

I love the warmth of the sunshine, but I hate it when the weather gets too hot.

I want to bake a German Chocolate cake and smell the memories of cakes gone by.

God is a mystery to me, in a sacred kind of way.

I miss my church in Arkansas.

I miss having my piano.

I’m afraid at the thought of having a kidney transplant.

I miss my best friends in Arkansas.

I wish I could see my son for a long, meaningful visit. The meaningful part is hard.

You don’t censor random thoughts. You just have them.

I love being near my brother, my sister-in-law and my cousins.

I am longing to see the leaves of the trees change their colors, creating a scene with “every common bush afire with God.”

There are hidden treasures in my heart. If only I could get in touch with them . . .

I wish my prayer time would always bring me to awe. It doesn’t. Not always.

I wish my random thoughts were more profound.

No one really cares about my random thoughts, but writing them down caresses my soul because I am honest with myself.

I would love to hear your comments.

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