Between Your Dawn and Your Sunset


Life’s journey can be a treacherous one. There is no easy walk to the places we want to go. There is no way to make the journey easier. It is what it is, filled with both happiness and heartache. As so many have said, tomorrow is uncertain, yesterday is gone, all we have is today.

The following words of Bishop Steven Charleston bring life’s journey into perspective.
Today is the acceptable year of your hope, today is the gift of grace given to you. It is now, here, in this moment that you will discover what you have sought for so long. Heaven does not arise in distant realms far removed from your reality: its doorway stands before you. These hours are poured into your hands like a treasure, they will not come again. Embrace the peace that passes between your dawn and the sunset waiting patiently on the horizon. Make this day count. Make it sing. Make it be the dream you first found in night’s companion hours.

Bishop Charleston is right that today is the gift of grace given to us. He is right to advise us to embrace the moment we have before us. He is right when he says “make this day count; make it sing.”

What will you do today to make this day count? What kind of melody will you hear when your day begins to sing?

I pray that you will accept this present day as a gift of grace from a loving God, poured into your hands like treasure. May peace pass between your dawn and your sunset, bringing you fresh hope for the journey.

I would love to hear your comments.

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