The Blog: Writing for Introspection

Writing is cleansing for the soul. It is a discipline that holds the power to rearrange life. It affects personal choices and common thought patterns. It can initiate introspection and contemplation. Just as a path in the forest reveals new things at every step, so does writing become a journey of discovery.image

Writing can be catharsis for those who need to cleanse the spirit. Writing can give true insight into the self. It can be a candid, honest exercise. It can open the mind to creative thought and open the heart to fresh compassion.

Writing is spiritually and emotionally healthy. Writing a blog can be the beginning of daily personal growth. I recommend writing a blog as a spiritual discipline, one that is not as much for the reader as it is for the writer. Writing my blog has taught me a great deal about myself. The fact that others can read it is simply part of the discipline. Yes, sometimes I have a message I want to share. But most of the time, the message is for me . . . a message I need to heed. Thanks for reading this blog. I welcome your comments and cherish your thoughts in response to what I write.

I would love to hear your comments.

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