A Life Well Lived


Today I learned of the death of two friends. This kind of news happens much too often these days. My response could be despondence or depression, a sense that life is very short now so what’s the use. In fact, this is a very real visceral response to feeling ever closer to death.

I certainly have no sage advice for dealing emotionally with death’s closeness. But I do know that focusing on life is a better option. How do we do that?

Give thanks for the life of those who pass into eternity. Remember their contributions to this earth. Concentrate on their days of pleasant life and laughter.

Most importantly, relish every day, every hour and every moment. Love a little deeper. Forgive what has harmed you. Smile a little more often. Laugh a little harder. Speak with more kindness. Live a lot more “in the moment.”

In the end, let it be said of you: “a life well lived.”

I would love to hear your comments.

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