It’s Dark Under Here! Am I Buried or Planted?


Yesterday I saw an old Mexican proverb that brought me great comfort and inspiration. “They thought they would bury us, but didn’t realize we were seeds.”

There are definitely times of life that bury us.  The light is gone and we cannot visualize any way to move. Some circumstances of life make feeling buried a reality. But what if instead of being buried, we are actually planted?

There is dirt involved either way. But being planted offers hope for something else, something new and fresh. The seed is experiencing darkness, for sure. The dirt is a totally confining place.  But there is the very real possibility that the seed will strive toward the light. There is the possibility of new life and new growth.

I, for one, have survived feeling buried by life. I have struggled in the dirt and stretched up into the sunlight. I have experienced fresh new beginnings so many times, that now when I feel buried, I count on the fact that I’m planted.

Planted is actually a God-time for me because I know I will see the sun again. I wish the same for you.

I would love to hear your comments.

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