Thankful for My Roots


Trees are my favorite part of nature’s landscape, dense forests or just one tree standing alone. When I see a tree standing alone, apart from all others, I often marvel at its strength to keep standing. I wonder how deep its roots go down into the ground. I wonder how many years the tree has stood in just that one place.

I see myself in just one place at times, standing alone, nursing thoughts that are only mine to think. Sometimes I long to be in a “forest” with other trees around me to keep vigil with me over life. But at other times, I am grateful for the strong roots that help me stand alone. Storms can uproot trees at times and end their life span. But most of the time the tree stands through storm, wind and rain, unharmed. And it grows in that place, its roots ever deeper as the years pass.

Today I am thankful for my roots.

I would love to hear your comments.

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