Reborn on the Wind


These days, I find beauty in everything. It is as if my eyes have been opened and I see things more clearly. Simple things attract my eye and take on fresh, new meaning. I think this is the result of coming so close to death.

One very ordinary place I have found beauty is in a common dandelion. It is a thing so graceful in the wind, and yet when the wind blows hard, the dandelion loses itself, scattering into hundreds of tiny feather-like seeds.

The real miracle is that each seed holds the possibility of taking root and being reborn all over again.

I am not embarrassed that I have come to revere and appreciate such a seemingly insignificant part of nature. In the past, I have blown dozens of dandelions without a single thought. Today, I cannot even see one without marveling at where it’s seeds might go.

June Stover says that “Dandelions, like all things in nature are beautiful when you take the time to pay attention to them.” She is so right. The dandelion is yet another miraculous creation of our creative God. Perhaps God put dandelions on the earth so that thousands of children can blow them and make wishes. Perhaps they are here to remind us to have a sense of wonder in where the wind might take us.

I don’t really know a dandelion’s eternal purpose, but now I do know it’s beauty and gracefulness in the breeze. I might just make a wish the next time I see one. And I hope that my wishes will be light on the wind and plant themselves everywhere, reborn as dreams on the wind.

Thank you, God, for dandelions.

I would love to hear your comments.

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