It Really Is Rough Out There!


It it was one of those “caterpillar” days when one feels imprisoned by certain life circumstances. On this day I felt the darkness of being in a cocoon, not knowing when I would break out, or even if getting out was possible for me. I had experienced a number of losses … the ability to walk by myself, the ability to bathe myself, the ability to write. And now, on this day, I discovered that I was losing my hair.

It was very hard for me to remember that a caterpillar and a butterfly are one in the same. I wondered when I could get out of the cocoon stage and fly again.

In her book, “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” Annie Dillard tells about the monarch butterfly that flies all the way across Lake Superior, and makes it all the way without a rest. That is a distance of about 500 miles! We don’t understand how those delicate butterflies do that. Β But thousands make their way across that mighty lake every single year during their migration.

imageStill, Annie Dillard says that none of them arrive without being wing-battered, snatched at from behind, hind legs torn off by the birds that pecked at them along the way. Β It really is rough out there!

We know that, too, about our life journeys … It really is rough out there at times. We are sometimes wing-battered, but the Book of Jude tells us that there is One who keeps us from falling.

“There is one who is able to keep you from falling. He is able to present you without blemish in the presence of his glory with rejoicing.”

In spite of my life losses, I can rejoice about that.

I would love to hear your comments.

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